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Resistant to “TYLCV&TSWV” and Nematode (Ma, Mi, Mj)


Hybrid Beef Greenhouse Tomato



Specifications and Advantages

• Resistant to Virus (TYLCV), (TSWV)
• Resistant to Nematode (Ma, Mi, Mj)
• Ceneviz F1 (Beef) is big and delicious, high fertile type.
• Its fruit is 4-5 loped, sunken sphere, uniform and has dark red color
• Average weight of the fruits 300-500 gr
• The structure of the plant is semi-open, strong and internodes are short
• No green shoulder and cancer (Blotchy Ripening) is to be seen on the fruits
• No need for pruning as fruit set are of 3-4 pieces on bunches
• Fruit ripening time is early
• Product provides extra price advantage thank to its quality and long shelf life


Tolerable Diseases

TYLCV, TSWV, N (Ma, Mi, Mj), V (Va, Vd), F(01), ToMV (02)


Conditions of Cultivation

• Spring

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